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Policy on hi-capacity drums

Hold Harmless Understanding

To all purchasers for high capacity pre-ban drums.

There is a strict "no return policy" on the 72 round drum or any and all drums that I may ship and/or sell to a customer.
If you need a repair or adjustment of said merchandise, you will contact the manufacturer directly. This also applies to all questions, complaints, and defects of said merchandise.

As purchaser, you take full responsibility for your actions that may concern a crime or personal injury involving the use, cleaning, loading or unloading of all drums.

It is with further understanding that F.J. McGowan will not be held responsible for any and all litigation that may result from the use or actions taken with this drum or any other drum. F.J. McGowan will be held harmless of any litigation that arises due to any/all personal injury or involving this and all drums.