We Want to Buy Your Pre-Ban Rifles

(715) 587-1930 or (906) 863-5046

F.J. McGowan

P.O. Box 672
Marinette,WI 54143
Fine Collector
F.F.L. 39-33214

Broker of Firearms

For the Highest Buy Prices on the Market

Prices Effective 2016

Type & Model New In Box Excellent Condition

Armalite AR-180 Costa Mesa/Sterling

Price on Request Price on Request

Belgium FN FAL 50.00 (Match)

Belgium FN FAL 50.64

Belgium FN FAL 50.63

Belgium FN FAL G-Series (Anmnesty List)

Belgium FN FAL 50.41/50.42 (Heavy Barrel)

Benelli M3 Super 90 Folding Stock
Beretta AR-70
Colt AR-15 (SP1)
Colt AR-15 (SP1 Carbine)
Colt AR-15 (9mm Carbine)
Colt AR-15 (6600 HBAR)
Colt AR-15 (6500DH Delta HBAR)
Colt AR-15 (6500 Sporter II)
Colt AR-15 (6500 Government Model)
Colt AR-15 (6420 AR-15 A2 Carbine)
Colt AR-15 (6520 Government Carbine)
Daewoo .223 (K1, K2, AR-100)
Famas Bullpup
FN FNC Para Folders
Galil AR .223/.308
Galil ARM .223/.308
Heckler & Koch 91/41-A2 (Fixed Stock)
Heckler & Koch 91/41-A3 (Retractable)
Heckler & Koch 93/43-A2 (Fixed Stock)
Heckler & Koch 93/43-A3 (Retractable)
Heckler & Koch 94-A2 (Fixed Stock)
Heckler & Koch 94-A3 (Retractable)
Heckler & Koch SP89
Heckler & Koch Mark 23
Heckler & Koch/Vollmer Model 21 Semi
Heckler & Koch SL8-1
Heckler & Koch USC
Hungarian AKS (SA85M)
Hungarian AKS (SA85M)
IMI Mini Uzi Carbine
IMI Uzi Model A/B Fixed Stock
IMI Uzi Model A/B Retractable Stock
IMI Uzi .45 Carbine
IMI Uzi Pistol
Norinco AKS (7.62x39)
Norinco AKS (7.62x39) Side/Under Folder
Norinco RKS (7.62x39)
Polytech AKS (7.62x39)
Polytech AKS (7.62x39) Side/Under Folder
Polytech Legend
Polytech Legend Underfolder
Polytech RPK (7.62x39)
RIA SA1 Semi-60
SIG 550
SIG 551
SIG AMT (.308)
Steyr AUG (Green 20") GSI Import
Steyr AUG (Green 20") Interarm Import
Steyr AUG (Black 16")
Steyr AUG (Special Receiver)
Valmet 71
Valmet 76
Valmet 76 Tube Folder
Valmet 62 (7.62x39)
Valmet 78 (.223/.308)
Yugoslavian AKS (AK-47)
Yugoslavian AKS (AK-47) .308
Yugoslavian RPK-47

All guns should be equipped with an orginal pre-ban magazine and normal accessories. Certain guns will be required to have all accessories in order to be qualified for the purchase price (i.e. Polytech Legend, Sig 550/551, etc). We would be interested in purchasing any additional accessories, please call with details.

Please ship guns via any standard shipper to:

Shipping Address:
Francis J. McGowan
412 CHT-T
Marinette, WI  54143

(please check with shipper for firearm shipment instruction)

If the gun does not meet our qualification, the gun will be returned to you directly (no shipping fee will be charged).

Be sure to insure firearm for replacement value. Please include a legible photocopy of your drivers license. Be sure the firearm is not loaded, complete, functional, and cleaned. (All firearms with dirty bore will be subject to a $40 cleaning fee).

We will inspect all firearms and reserve the right to refuse any purchase. All post ban firearm received as pre-ban firearms will be returned COD.

If you have a gun for sale and it is not listed, please e-mail sales@frans-hks.com or call Fran (715) 587-1930 or (906) 863-5046 for a quote.